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Normally the RAH command scales its plots as large as possible to minimize whitespace. But that means a series of RAHs runs would be plotted at different scales when their maximum righting arms differ significantly... making them difficult to compare at a glance.

This can be fixed using the RAH /SIZE:max parameter by specifying the same maximum (and optionally minimum) righting arm scale values. An even easier way to handle this is to specify /SIZE:* on subsequent RAH runs so the scale sizes from the first RAH plot are reused. For example:

DR 12 | SO WE LCG | VCG 8
CRT FLOODER 75 14 20

In this example, the /GRAPH:ONLY parameter omits redundant table output (see COW194) and the /STOP:FLD parameter stops subsequent RAH runs when the downflooding point immerses, preventing plots from reaching their normal maximum righting arm and heel values:

But when /SIZE:* is present, the stopped plot remains nicely scaled the same as the preceding original:

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