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PRINT PREVIEW right-click menu

If you've never tried right-clicking PRINT PREVIEW report output, check it out sometime! The resulting menu reveals lots of options and keyboard shortcuts:

Note that grayed-out options are ones that are not currently available. For example, this report has only a single page, so Page down, First page, etc. can't do anything. Likewise 25% zoom and Full page are grayed out because these are the current settings, so they reappear as soon as the preview is zoomed in differently.

Here's a run-down on assorted menu options and their keyboard shortcuts:

  • P - Opens up a Print dialog to choose which printer, what page range, and how many copies to print;

  • Q - Quickly prints one copy of the current page to the default printer;

  • J - Exports the current page window to the specified .JPG or .BMP file; note the preview window can first be resized to export just the selected portion of the page;

  • Ctrl-C - Copies the entire page to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere;

  • Ctrl-W - Copies just what's visible in the preview window to the clipboard;

  • G - Goes directly to the specified page number if typed quickly after the "G"; alternatively, any page number can be selected using the mouse;

  • +/- - Zooms the preview in or out, changing the window size in the process; if the resulting size is too big to fit on the screen, then scroll bars appear for the direction(s) that don't fit;

  • 1 - Zooms 100% so every pixel is seen without any compression;

  • 2/3/5 - Zooms 25%, 33%, or 50% of full size;

  • 0 - Zooms to the largest size that fits fully on the screen without scrolling;

  • Down/Up/Left/Right - Scrolls the entire window in the indicated direction;

  • Ctrl-Down/Up/Left/Right - Nudges the scroll bar with fine control in the indicated direction;

  • C - Toggles between showing colors or everything in black-and-white;

  • L - Toggles between showing all pages in landscape or portrait mode;

  • A - Toggles auto-landscape mode on or off for reports containing landscape-oriented plots, so such plot pages appear in landscape while all other pages in portrait orientation;

  • V - Toggles showing a vertical scroll bar to control the current page; note this paging scroll bar is replaced with positioning scroll bar(s) whenever the full page doesn't fit in the window;

  • Esc - Exits the preview... bye-bye!

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