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Transfer in LEW
(Requires GHS with Load Editor)

In the Load Editor, tank-to-tank transfer is quick and easy.

Observe the bright aqua "Transfer" light in the upper right corner of the screen image below, meaning that transfer mode is in effect.

Then notice the line in the same color where load value has an asterisk by it. That's the "transfer" tank, and it got that way by the operator pressing Ctr-T when the cursor was on that line.

Now the cursor has been moved to the port-side fuel tank immediately below it because we want to pump some quantity of fuel out of the starboard tank to the port tank in order to correct the 1.8 degrees starboard heel.

The image below shows that we have increased the port-side load to 59.5% from its original 50%. The transfer tank automatically went to 40.5% with the total fuel in both tanks remaining the same.

How did we come up with 59.5%? Trial and error, watching the heel angle in the header. It took only a few seconds.

John Bonn suggested that the color of the Transfer light might vary from aqua to whatever color is indicative of the substance in the tanks.

"That's not a bad idea," we said. "But what if transfer is being made between tanks that have different substances in them?"

"In that case the light should flash WARNING," he said.

In the end we convinced him that sometimes simpler is better, so the sign simply says "Transfer" in bright aqua color regardless whether it's sea water or something else.

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