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CritPoint Wizard

The cute little wizard CritPoint.wizgf taps into a Special Flood Points dialog that is provided as a button in some GLM configurations. Another place it appears is in DAMSTAB2 (which does probabilistic damage in the GHS Advanced Features module).

The essential file used by CritPoint.wizgf is CrtptDS2.lib. If you have that file in your GHS program directory but don't have the wizard, you can create it yourself since it's only two lines:
run ^^CRTPTDS2.LIB /call
`That's a zero.

The critical-point numbering, starting at 89 and descending, may seem odd. The purpose of that is to avoid common critical point numbers in the lower range but not going to the ridiculous extreme of 400 (which is the maximum critical point number allowed in GHS).

Upon closing the dialog, the appropriate CRTPT commands are issued and a file is written in the current working folder. That file is exclusively for use by the wizard, so next time it is used you find the point specs just as you left them. The file is keyed to the geometry file name, so if you work with multiple GFs in the same folder there are no mixups.

It would be nice to have a Data Base version of something like this, for then the files would be managed automatically. Even nicer, it would call for another COW.

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