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A special form of EDIT, triggered by the /PROG parameter, allows a user to specify their favorite text editor. So for example,

edit /prog: C:\util\Notepad++\Program\notepad++.exe

sets the default program for editing run files to Notepad++, the author's favorite editor for GHS.

Notepad++ is free to use and has many powerful features, while remaining no more difficult to use than regular Notepad. You can find more information and a download link at

But let's back up, why even bother... what's wrong with regular old Notepad? Well nothing really, but why abstain from helpful features like these:
  1. multiple tabs that are saved when you close the program;
  2. line bookmarks;
  3. column edit mode;
  4. show special characters.
Perhaps the most time-saving tools are built into the find & replace dialog. It is convenient, for example, to match special characters, search across all open files, and make use of Regular Expressions.

One of our team members uses Notepad++ and spent some time creating a basic language file for GHS. If you want to try it, click here. It is very easy to modify the language to suit your personal code formatting tastes.

Some might say this article is hardly about the EDIT command. Even so, we hope you find it helpful.

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