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Tank_Order Wizard

Many commands such as STATUS, DISPLAY STATUS, and LOAD EDIT/STATUS display tanks in the same order as they appear in the geometry file. If you want to modify the order of the tanks, the Tank_Order Wizard is easy to use. It has just one dialog box if you read a geometry file first.

You can make several intermediate updates to the tank order. Tank descriptions can be edited at any time. However, the Show Descriptions button fetches tank descriptions from the current geometry file, overwriting any unsaved changes. To keep track of which descriptions have been modified, it can be helpful to hide them all before typing in new values.

Once all the tanks are arranged as desired and the tank descriptions are just right, click the button to modify the GF. The wizard will create a backup of the original and then save the geometry file with the current tank order and descriptions.

To reorder tanks with a run file, use the same command as the wizard:
You will need to prepare the OrderFile according to the format described in HELP MC.

You may have guessed that reordering tanks isn't a routine part of geometry building. In fact, you may have never done it yourself. It might be needed if a ship is imported from another file format or if tanks are added to an existing model (such as when updating a geometry file for damage stability). Hopefully the next time you need it, you'll remember this COW.

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