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Tightly integrated with the SCREEN command (see COW077) is the handy View menu accessible from the top of every GHS window. It's a great way to see an organized list of current View settings and learn the SCREEN commands you need to achieve whatever View settings you like:

Suppose for some inscrutable reason you don't want to see the snazzy GHS logo that appears when the program starts up, and moreover also don't want to see the helpful vessel graphic that appears in the command area when you READ a geometry file. That's easy to do by selecting "Logo image" followed by "Vessel graphic" from the View menu to keep your window background clear:

Notice SCREEN LOGO OFF and SCREEN NOGRAPH echoed in the command area... they reveal these SCREEN commands carried out your View menu selections! Also notice that "Logo image" and "Vessel graphic" no longer have check marks next to them in the View menu.

Now suppose you want to split your GHS window into separate display and command areas, with 3 lines used for the command area. That can be done by selecting "Command lines" along with "3" from the View menu:

Again SCREEN COMMAND 3 appears to show the command used to split the screen into a 3-line black command area beneath a white display area.

Suppose you want to swap those colors to get a white command area beneath a black display... the View menu can do that too:

The final result shows all your chosen settings on the View menu, along with the series of SCREEN commands used to achieve them. If you want GHS to look that way every time it starts up, just tuck the SCREEN commands revealed by the View menu into GHS.LF (see COW138) on your library path.

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