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(Requires GHS with Condition Graphics)

Among the Wizards that come with GHS is this tool for displaying the reach of a crane hook. If a report file is open, it goes into the report; otherwise it shows up on the screen.

Note that it uses the Condition Graphic module.

The complete name is HOOKCIRC.WIZCO. Find and execute it under the Conditions category in your Wizard pulldown menu in GHS.

The Wizard presents this input dialog for specifying the boom and its location:

HOOKCIRC.WIZCO uses a library file which can be used directly, bypassing the input dialog and passing the numbers to a macro. This facilitates using HOOKCIRC within a Run file. To find out how to do this, first run the library file:
Then type LIBINFO, and the instructions will pop up on the screen:

For example, to duplicate the case shown above, command would be,
.hook.def -28,-5, 1,15, 3,30, 135,45

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