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NetPlus Roaming: GHS on the Moove

First thing Monday morning we received a call from John Bonn and he was not in his usual good mood. He frantically began to explain. Over the weekend, he was at his local marina for an inclining experiment and dropped his laptop against the rail. He watched in horror as the little green GHS dongle sailed through the air, splashed into the murky marina waters, never to be seen again.

After he'd finished the lengthy explanation, abbreviated above, we presented the various replacement options. After a few questions, John decided on the NetPlus network license because it doesn't use a dongle at all, even on a network server; it is completely software based. NetPlus offers the built-in flexibility of allowing users to check out office-based licenses for roaming, or off-network use.

John was impressed with how simple the roaming process was. He only had to start GHS on his laptop, connect to the office network, select the Roaming Wizard from the GHS Wizard menu, and enter the number of days he needed to work offsite. Pressing "OK" generated the roaming license on the laptop and he was good to go.

In a rush to test out GHS while roaming up at his parents' dairy farm, John left us to explain all the other benefits of NetPlus to his IT team.

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