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WPL3 Wizard

The standard procedure for setting up a waterplane in GHS is to enter trim and heel followed by depth or draft. If you find yourself in a situation where trim and heel are not obvious, but you can get three freeboard measurements, don't panic; instead open the WPL3 wizard.

The input is brief, as shown below. You just need the locations of three points and the freeboard at each. Next assign the points to specific directions on the vessel and press "Solve for waterplane." Your input will automatically be saved in a file called WPL3.DAT when you solve.

The output is very simple; just the depth, trim, and heel in the GHS header and three lines reporting how closely the solution matches the input.

You can use the RENDER wizard to show the waterplane (see COW005 for info).

Something seems a little off with this vessel. Maybe the salvage engineers will be getting a call.

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