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Deadweight Scale

GHS (and BHS) come with many useful wizards included. To see the full list, click the Wizard drop-down menu and choose All. The DWSCALE wizard creates a deadweight scale for the current vessel. It doesn't require much input from the user beyond a geometry model with a deck edge marking. Before you can start configuring options, you'll need to enter the vessel weight and VCG. Trim is taken to be zero.

In the main dialog, you can specify the range of drafts and an alternate draft reference line. The deadweight scale is comprised of up to nine columns or panels. The user can select the vessel characteristic to be displayed in each panel. Leave the drop-down box empty to omit one or more panels.

Once you have the desired arrangement, press Go, and wait just a few moments while the wizard does its magic. A print preview will appear showing the resulting deadweight scale and the optional hydrostatics. The wizard output is placed in the current report or else it creates a new report file.

If you've ever tried to create a deadweight scale in a graphics program, you'll appreciate the amount of work the handy DWSCALE wizard performs in about 10 seconds flat.

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