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(Requires GHS version 17.00 or later)

There is no end to the uses one might imagine for views of ship geometry with rendered surfaces. One use, perhaps the primary one, is checking for errors in tank models. In the rendered view, you can visually inspect a tank from all sides and rotate it endlessly.

For quick rendering of a tank in the interactive viewer, use DISPLAY/SE. From the ISO view, simply hit V for Visualize and get something like this:

But a rendering of adjacent tanks with contrasting colors would be much more revealing. And if the hull shell is included while not obscuring the tank views, that would be even better. The wish list could go on without end, but here's an example of that much:

In order to get this, go into Part Maker (Enter PMX) and issue a SURFACE command for the hull and each of the tanks you want to render and view. Follow that with the RENDER command. This allows for assigning colors to the tanks and provides for leaving ends open, which is what we want for the hull -- actually only a slice of the hull in way of the tanks. Here is the run file we used to get the image shown above.
enter pmx /direct
chop aft 23f `Chops away the aft end of the model.
surface (hull.c) S1; color:blue; OPENENDS
surface (db0.*) S2; color:red
surface (foday.*) S3; color:green
surface (lube.s,hydr.p) S4; color:yellow
render S1 S2 S3 S4
quit pm
If you want to look inside of a tank to check the interior for deductions, the OPENENDS parameter would be included there too. We did that for all the tanks in the following example and aligned the view so we can look straight into the interiors.

In this case there are no deductions visible, which is nice because we didn't want any. We just wanted to show off OPENENDS.

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