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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)

(Requires GHS version 17.42 or later)

GHS is constantly being enhanced. This week, we highlight a recent improvement which gives you more formatting options for righting arm graphs.

GHS Version 17.42 added two new subparameters for RAH /GRAPH: FIT and ONLY. ONLY omits all output except for the graphs. FIT attempts to place the graphs on the current page, automatically scaling smaller as necessary. There is a minimum legible size for each plot (RA: 1.25", AREA: 1", CRT: 0.75"), so sometimes plots will still be pushed to their own page.

RA /GRAPH:FIT,ONLY combines both new subparameters to show the RA graphs following any other output on a single page. If tight on space, also add the existing NOAREA and NOCRT subparameters so that only the righting arm is plotted. The page break after RAH can't be removed so the graph will always be the last item on its page.

RA /GRAPH:FIT can be combined with /NOTAB to omit the table, but still show the limit evaluation and graphs on the same page. Here is an interesting new combination.
status weight:total displacement
di (*) status profile, plan /page%:20
ra /lim /notab /graph:fit,noarea

For more typical uses, add /GRAPH:FIT,NOAREA,NOCRT to all your RAH commands to shorten reports by fitting the righting arm plot below the table whenever there is space.

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