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Ballast Advisor

The Ballast Advisor wizard helps determine the tank loads needed to achieve a desired waterplane. Before starting the wizard, set up an initial loading condition. Then, to run the wizard, type RUN BALLAST.WIZCO, or select BALLAST from the Wizard\Conditions menu in GHS.

The next step is to provide configuration information related to the layout and function of the tanks on board the vessel.

Once the tank configuration is set up, you won't need to enter that information again, but you can change it at any time.

The Ballast Advisor can be used to find tank loads that yield the desired trim, heel, draft or any combination thereof. In the example below, we are looking for the tank loads that result in zero heel and trim.

The wizard quickly returns a set of suggested loads and reports whether the targets were achieved. The user can then accept these load changes or start again, perhaps with a different tank selection.

Since this might be part of a larger task to work up a series of load conditions, here is a convenient way to access the Ballast Wizard from within Load Editor with windows (LEw):
macro ballast
 run ballast.wizco
load (*) edit /auto /macro:ballast

When you want ballast in hurry, use the Ballast Advisor!

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