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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)

(Requires GHS version 17.50 or later)

One of the new features in version 17.50 is an extension of the Executive Wizard, which we call GHS+.

Either the Executive Wizard's GHS+ button or the command RUN GHS+ brings up the interface shown below. Each of the buttons represents a stage in the process of developing a report.

If geometry was present in memory before starting GHS+, the ship it represents will be the subject. Otherwise, use the Geometry button to expose the tools for reading, editing, and viewing geometry.

Any of these sections can be opened and closed as desired to access the tools and maintain focus.

Below we show the tools for defining cases of loading. You will notice that these are covers for Data Base commands. Everything that GHS+ does can be done directly with DB commands. The GHS+ interface just makes it easier.

The yellow button at the top presents an overview and also provides for changing the background color.

The Calculation Plan is the powerful Data Base tool for feeding load cases into a calculation procedure:

And finally, the Report section is where you run the calculations either as a one-shot Procedure or using the Calculation Plan.

Procedures may consist of predefined steps, other procedures, macros, and run files. So there is no limitation on what can be accomplished within the realm that GHS addresses -- except for the brewing of coffee that was promised long ago but has seen its priority constantly outranked by developments such as Seakeeping and Dynstab.

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