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Tank Soundings in Status
(Requires GHS version 17.32A or later)

The STATUS command is included in nearly every single GHS run file. It is like a faithful watchdog. You can rely on both to report the state of goings on. Sometimes, they can pick up on differences between what you meant and what you said... er typed. And with the new /SOUND parameter, each can show how deep the reservoir is.

You may recall COW175 compared STATUS TANKS and LOAD STATUS and seemed to put LOAD STATUS way ahead. The /SOUND parameter has narrowed that gap considerably. The images below show the output of LOAD STATUS (which requires the Load Editor Module) and STATUS TANKs /SOUND.



You can see from the report above that soundings take the place of the reference height or free surface moment column.

STATUS /SOUND provides a streamlined combination of STATUS FIXED DISPLACEMENT and LOAD STATUS in one tidy table.

We hope you also feel that the new parameter is a resounding success!
It's never too late for some old dogs to learn new tricks...

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