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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)

(Requires GHS or GHSOS version 17.12 or later)

John Bonn called. In fact, we didn't know it was him at first as he was calling from his personal phone number. He said that he didn't have any GHS questions but he was working from home in isolation and just wanted to talk. We feel for you John, we really do, but stay positive and we'll get through this together.

But John's call gave us an idea. "Together..." we thought. And, being that we've also had some extra time in the evenings, we obviously had to make good on our promise to share in John's isolation.

Behold, GHS Battleship, the run file you've all been waiting for!

Most are familiar with the old Battleship game, but this version is a little different. Because, well, we are naval architects and we like to design unique ships. Instead of a fixed size for each ship, each player is simply limited to 17 grid spaces (the same number as the traditional game) but you may arrange those 17 spaces in any way that you wish. Creative designs might be more effective against your opponent.

The game supports two players. Each player must have these files unzipped in a directory on their local machine. Each player starts the game by running battleship.rf in GHS (or, for those without GHS, you may use GHSOS freely available here). When the game launches, each player must set their gameplay directory to a shared network directory. This location facilitates communication, so it is vital that it is the same.

Once you are satisfied with your gameplay directory, click "Accept" and begin designing your fleet by clicking squares in the "Your Fleet" grid area. When you're finished designing, click "Start Game". The first player to start the game becomes player 1 and gets the first move. The top of the window will prompt each player's turn. Gameplay is facilitated by clicking boxes in the "Enemy Fleet" area. Fire away!

But, for those GHS users who want to take a look under the hood, battleship.rf is an excellent example of two new features: ME SEND ON [file] and TEMPLATE /REFRESH[:field]. The first provides message support between GHS sessions using a data file, even if the GHS sessions are running on different machines. The second is a handy way to update specific template fields to preserve performance and reduce unnecessary refreshing.

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