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(Requires GHS/BHS and the Load Editor (LE) module)

Three weeks ago, the Command Of the Week compared LOAD STATUS TANKS and STATUS TANKS. This COW looks at the fixed-weight side of status reporting.

Both LOAD STATUS FIXED and STATUS FIXED report the "status" of non-tank loads. LOAD STATUS FIXED (which is a feature of the Load Editor module) is particularly well suited to reporting loading conditions. STATUS FIXED provides weight information at a more basic level.

Let's compare how each one reports the same fixed-weight loading. The first image below is from STATUS FIXED and that is followed by a sample LOAD STATUS FIXED result.

As you can see, LOAD STATUS FIXED includes a column showing the percentage of the maximum weight for items where a maximum was specified in the ADD command. The different color alerts the reader to the possibility that the weight may not be 100% of what it could be. The STATUS FIXED omits that column and includes the light ship, which may not be relevant in most most condition reports where the light ship remains the same in each condition.

With LOAD STATUS, the order in which the lines are presented can be varied according to ascending or descending values in a given column.

The STATUS command can report many other things, including moments and inertial values, but when it comes to showing weights in a report, LOAD STATUS has the advantages mentioned. But if your GHS/BHS configuration lacks the Load Editor module, STATUS FIXED is your only option, and it serves the purpose.

In a printed report, the LOAD STATUS FIXED above might look like this:

Note that the Weight column was specified to be sorted in ascending order.


If a fixed weight is modeled as a distribution over a longitudinal span, there is no clue about that in these reports. (A single Fixed weight can be made up of many segments and each segment can involve a distribution.) If a report of those details is needed, the ADD REPORT command provides it. An earlier COW featured the ADD REPORT command.

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