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Sorry to bring this up again, but John Bonn called to say he couldn't find a use for CYLINDER Chains. He said he found it just as easy if not easier to put components together in the usual way. Also he thought we shouldn't waste a COW on something as useless as that.

So in order to prove him wrong, we came up with this example of a floating pier with railings on both sides:

These macros were used to make the stanchions:

macro vector
 create vector.s
  cyl 0,beam/2-diam,height+depth, %1*spacing+diam, 0, 0, 0.01, LST
 delete vector.s
`One pair of stanchions:
macro stanchion
 .vector %1
 create rail.c\p%1
  cyl ^,^,^, height,0,-90, diam, LST
`All stanchions:
.stanchion (length/spacing+1,1) 0

In retrospect, we have to admit that John is correct because those stanchions supporting the railing could be made just as well by assigning their locations by ordinary means.

Now, if you had a structure where the cylinders or struts or wires (or whatever) go off in directions best specified by angles, and especially if there is branching in the arrangement like a tree, then CYLINDER Chains might prove to be useful.

Here's an example:

The PMX code that decorated the COW is here -- so you can put a set of antlers on your amphibious jeep, John. Merry Christmas!

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