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The STATUS command reports assorted vessel details at the current waterplane, while its counterpart DISPLAY STATUS graphically displays the vessel from multiple angles in configurable views. Output from both commands can be combined on the same report page by following STATUS with one or more DISPLAY STATUS /PAGE% commands.

DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC runs side-by-side with GHS, so whenever things change in the model, the synchronized Condition Graphics window automatically updates to match. The same mechanism underlies the related LOAD EDIT /CG command, which starts up Load Editor with a synchronized CG window attached to it.

So how could it be that we recently encountered a run file system where Load Editor was not updating the CG display while running a macro... what's up with that?

In fact, this is an intentional feature documented in HELP DISPLAY, which notes that "macros executed from Load Editor with windows always start with synchronization suspended".

The intent of this default setting is to prevent temporary waterplane changes during macro calculations from spuriously jiggling the CG display in a way that could confuse or distract the LE operator. It also allows complex macros to run faster. Any delay is not usually noticed, because the CG display gets updated as soon as the LE macro exits.

When CG synchronization during LE macro execution is desired (say in a process where intermediate steps are significant), that can be easily done by putting the DISPLAY STATUS /RESUME command near the beginning of the macro. Even finer control is possible by updating CG only when directed by the DISPLAY STATUS /UPDATE command.

(Is that enough commands for a single Command of the Week? This one turned out to be COWS plural!)

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