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Time Flows

Ever get an idea for a run file and then lose track of time while working through the details? I know, it happens to us all the time! Believe us or not, it even occurred while preparing this week's COW.

If you share our tendency, then perhaps the run file below will help avoid missing future dinner engagements.

crtpt (1) "top-bottom" 0,0,10 /IN:top.c /TA:bot.c /OP:0.1
di(*) status body@0 /yesempty /sync
macro flowc
 if {load}=0 then exit
 load (*) flowc %1
 wait 0.1
macro flip
 heel *+45
 wait .2
load (bot.c) 1
tank bot.c
.flip (4)
.flowc (65) 15

Here is the geometry file referenced above if you want to try it yourself.

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