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Array Variables

For users unfamiliar with programming concepts, an array variable is simply a multi-dimensional variable in which multiple values can be stored and accessed via indexing. For example, think of that spreadsheet you're working with: the workspace can be considered a two-dimensional array, where each value in the array is referenced by its row and column index. Not only are arrays a compact way to store data, but they enable efficient algorithms which may be difficult to implement otherwise.

In GHS, array variables are simply a collection of regular user variables with a common prefix. For example, to create a 1x10 "array" one could use:

macro make_array
 variable %2_%1
.make_array(10,1)1 "A"

...where the macro make_array is being called 10 times, each time incrementing the first parameter (%1) by 1 starting at 1. The second parameter (%2) is the array variable prefix. %1 acts as the index, and is appended to the variable name on each loop to create a unique variable name. If we want to look at our collection of array variables, we might use:

variable /list:A_*

...which would list all variables that start with "A_", as yet undefined:

We can then SET, access, or otherwise manipulate any element of an array by specifying its index as part of its name:

macro count
 set %2_%1=%1
.count(10,1)1 "A"
set A_10={A_6} TIMES {A_7}
\\The answer = {A_10}\

But what about higher dimensional arrays? Easy, just append a second index:

macro make_array2
 macro make_column
  variable %3_%%92_%%91=%4
 macro make_row
  .make_column(%2,1)1 %%91
.make_array2 6 7 "A" 0 `6x7 array "A" initialized to 0

But what about matrix operations, like Gaussian elimination and LU decomposition? Not as easy, but we've done it. Just let us know if you're brave enough to try it too.

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