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(Requires GHS with Condition Graphics module)

John Bonn called with a request. He liked the GF index featured in last week's COW, but he wishes it included a button on each ship to quickly view the geometry without having to read it in, display it, and then reactivate the index.

He sent us an image showing his attempt to include a DISPLAY button in the template.

John said he didn't like the looks of the DISPLAY button because it was repetitious. He said it made what was elegant into a monstrosity.

"Why not use the thumbnail for a button?" we asked him.

"Can I do that?"

"Sure. Just treat it as the label on the button. Tell you what: we'll modify our run file and send it to you.

"While you're at it," he said, "I'd really like to see the first few lines of the Geometry File -- with the comments and origin info and all that stuff. But you have to read the GF to get that."

"Well, yes, the GF has to be read, but there's another way to look at it without actually reading it into GHS."

"There is? Oh, of course. The VIEW command."

"There's a better way: you can view the file right in your template dialog. Check out the TEMPLATE VARIABLE @file field. You can take a peek in any text file and even edit it."

"No, I don't want to be able to edit it," John said. "If you knew me better you'd know why. I'd edit it by mistake and mess it up."

"Then you can make it read-only. Just include a /READ parameter in that field."

"Ok. Show me how it's done."

Click here to get the run file.

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