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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)

(Requires GHS with Condition Graphics module)

DISPLAY STATUS is well known for its primary purpose of graphically displaying the status of your ship either on the screen or in a report. But it's easy to imagine other uses for it.

The /PRINT:filename parameter is available for putting the image on a file suitable for printing or viewing via the PRINT command. But we can easily get a JPG image file from that print file by making use of the COPY command's /CONVERT feature.

GHS provides everything you need to take a vessel graphic from DISPLAY STATUS /PRINT and do other things with it automatically! No manual labor is required after you take a little thought and make a little RUN file.

We took a little thought and made a geometry-file index maker that produces a file index which includes "thumbnail" vessel profiles. It automatically searches the current folder for geometry files and uses DISPLAY STATUS PROFILE: OUTBOARD /PRINT to get a file of each vessel's outboard profile and then convert it to the JPG graphic. It also takes the title from the first line of the geometry file, which provides a brief description of the ship.

Click here and take a minute to study the GHS commands that did this. You see, it didn't take many. Yes, it took some fiddling to optimize the cropping parameters and select the best /height parameter in the template. But overall it didn't take long, really. Well, we do have a little experience with GHS, but probably not as much as some users who seem to be addicted to it.

When you run this thing, you will see it bringing in each geometry file, which takes some time if there are many in the folder. But then try running it again.

If you come up with another unusual use for DISPLAY STATUS /PRINT and want to share it, send it to us and maybe we can work it into a future COW.

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