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Sometimes the simplest syntactic knowledge can save you the most time. To prove our point, we've rounded up all the point-like quantities in GHS:


What do all these commands have in common? They all require longitudinal, transverse, and vertical coordinate locations to define their position. If you already know the exact L,T,V that matches the location, the task is trivial: enter the numbers. But when using the above commands, we often need to place a point that intersects with the hull surface at a particular longitudinal location and we only know its transverse offset, or its vertical offset, but not both.

The MIN|MAX syntax makes this very easy. For example, to define a GROUND point which acts on the surface of the hull at a certain known longitudinal and transverse location, one may use:

GROUND 35.3a, 15s, MIN

Because starboard is positive in GHS, MAX in place of the T coordinate will result in the starboard-most point on the hull. For example, one could use:

CRT 26.3f, MAX, 5

...which would place the Critical Point at the starboard-most location on the vessel that corresponds with 5 meters above baseline and 26.3 meters forward of the origin.

Simple, but useful, and if you're presently F6-ing your way through Section Editor looking for points to interpolate in Excel, please stop doing that.

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