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Multi-threaded SEA
(Requires GHS version 16.64 or later with SK)

Remember that COW back in January when we were impatiently waiting on our run file to finish so we could ski some epic snow conditions? Well, since then the snow has melted, the weather improved, and our out-of-office minds have shifted focus to logging some miles in hiking boots. Late in a recent workweek, we were looking forward to such weekend activity, until... unspeakably massive seakeeping analysis required our attention. This analysis was no joke: we were running multiple complex asymmetric loading conditions on a large, geometrically complex vessel with a full 360 degree heading sweep, a range of speeds, and multiple densely sampled wave spectra. Every additional layer of complexity brought with it additional computation time, and fading hope in our supposed weekend plans.

Well, as you might expect, we never did go hiking that weekend, but we were inspired to multi-thread the SEAKEEPING solver.

The latest version of the SK Module makes use of parallel threads to run much faster on machines with multiple processors. Typical speedups are roughly proportional to the number of cores used, so around twice as fast for dual-core machines, 4 times for quad-core machines, and additional boosts for hyperthreaded machines. Such performance was confirmed with admittedly less-than-scientific tests using the tick and tock macros from COW125.

Maybe we will go hiking next weekend?

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