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The Deepest Point

GHS is known for the application of commands in creative or unexpected ways. Recently, a good example of this arose from a relatively simple request: how to find the deepest point on a vessel with non-zero heel and trim?

For those who conjecture that there always exists some combination of macros which will provide a solution to any problem, we salute your can-do attitude: you are a programmer at heart. In this case, however, ground points actually offer a less laborious solution, despite that you may not be interested in modeling a grounding scenario at all.

Thanks to the algorithm employed by the GROUND /FLOOR command, you can very easily identify the deepest point on a hull component in a given condition by simply limiting the /NPoints parameter to 1 and setting an arbitrary /FLOOR depth. More than one hull component you say? No problem, just issue a single-pointed GROUND /FLOOR command for each component and then select the point with the deepest depth (in this case 7.45 feet to the skeg).


he 5
tr 3
dr 6
so we lcg tcg

`di status profile, plan:be /sync

ground (hull\hull.c) /floor:10 /npoints:1
ground (hull\skeg.c) /floor:10 /npoints:1

ground report
`st gr:all
report close /preview

But, given our profession, we also wrote a macro using the WPA and origin DEPTH system variables. It luckily returned the same result. The conjecture still stands, but its proof remains elusive. Find the run file here.

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