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It is possible to have two streams of output, both of them containing plots.

The /HOLDREPORT parameter on the DISK command suspends output to the main report file and declares that subsequent output be sent to the file it names. Output continues to the DISK file until DISK /OFF is encountered, and at that point the output stream automatically reverts to the original report file.

An application for this would be writing a secondary output file of notes and plots designed to be more easily scanned for critical information.

To see a brief run file illustrating this, click here

The extension of the secondary filename must be .DAT, which makes a special kind of file formatted to be easily processed by a program, not for presentable reports. However, it is usable as an informal note file, and fortunately the PRINT command nicely renders the plot information as graphics.

As the example run file stands, the note report includes every case. One "IF" command in MACRO NOTE could eliminate all the cases that pass and show only failing ones.

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