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TEMPLATE zooming
(Requires GHS version 16.40A or later)

Ever wish text were bigger in a TEMPLATE dialog box so it'd be easier to read? Contrariwise, ever wish text were smaller so more could fit on the screen? Zooming size of text in either direction is easy to accomplish throughout GHS, but it's a little-known feature, so now is the time for its place in the sun.

There's not just one but three easy ways to zoom:

  1. Using the Keyboard - Holding down the Ctrl key, press the plus "+" key to zoom in or the minus "-" key to zoom out.
  2. Using a Mouse Wheel - Holding down the Ctrl key, rotate the mouse wheel forward to zoom in or backwards to zoom out.
  3. Using a Touchscreen - Spread two fingers apart to zoom in or pinch them together to zoom out.
All three of these zoom methods work anywhere in GHS, including:
  1. The GHS main program window;
  2. Active dialog boxes defined by the TEMPLATE command;
  3. Helper programs opened by DISPLAY STATUS, ENTER PM, SE, VIEW, etc.;
  4. The report viewer opened by PRINT PREVIEW;
  5. Load Editor and GLM.
Of course, as text size zooms bigger and bigger, likewise the program window grows until eventually it fills the screen and can't get any larger. That's true for all zooming windows in GHS except for TEMPLATE dialog boxes, which automatically pop up horizontal and vertical scroll bars once they fill up the screen... so their text size can continue zooming to extreme proportions like the following:

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