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The page footer in GHS reports usually shows the logo of the company preparing the report and perhaps some text to go along with it. You provide the text and graphic filenames via the PRINT CONFIGURE command. At the top of the page, the header normally identifies the subject vessel via the TITLE command (or from the title line in the Geometry File).

Another possible arrangement is to use the footer for the vessel identification. The footer can be put to good use by showing several lines of text: more information about the vessel and its condition or configuration can appear there than will fit on the title line.

If you go this route, you might consider the technique shown here by which an image of the ship's profile appears automatically in the footer, coordinating with the descriptive text. The disadvantage is that it takes the place of the company logo; but the company name in this case can appear in the title at the top of each page.

Here is an example:

To see the commands used to make the footer, click here.

You will have noticed that Condition Graphics was used to get the profile. If you do not have the CG module, it will still work for you because the DISPLAY STATUS command was issued within Part Maker.

Oh, by the way, notice how smooth the hydrostatic property curves come out when the station spacing is reduced. Such close spacing helps define the waterplane endings and improves the precision of the LCF and moment-to-trim curves especially. Displacement and buoyancy center are not affected much, so the lean model is fine for stability calculations and will run more efficiently. Better yet, make sure that the original hull model defines the ends well so that the differences section-to-section are not very great.

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