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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)

(Requires GHS Part Maker version 16.42 or later)

We were waiting for John Bonn to call, and he did -- about last week's COW. It's good to know that someone is reading them.

He liked the way the deck-edge line showed in a bright color. But the main reason he called was he wanted to know why he was not getting those extra lines that seemed to be running along the chines. Also he said the deck-edge line in his DISPLAY PRINT report was so faint it was hard to see.

A recent update of Part Maker is what made the difference. The DECKEDGE command now marks knuckle lines as well as the deck edge and shows the deck-edge line in a different color. Also the lines show up better in DISPLAY PRINT.

"That's nifty," he said. "But what if I want to retain the deck-edge markings I have in my geometry file and add the other lines."

We anticipated that. We told him about MARK, which is a new command in Part Maker. In order to add other line markings while preserving existing deck-edge markings, use MARK KNUCKLES. For example, if the hull component is HULL\HULL.C:


(the KNUCKLES parameter is unnecessary since it is assumed by default).

We told him how to download the latest Part Maker and associated programs. Here is your reward for reading this far: even if your GHS license is not current, you can always download and use the latest Part Maker. The GHS geometry-building tools such as Part Maker do not require a current GHS key, or any key at all.

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