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Bonjean Curves
(Requires GHS AF module)

We hadn't heard from John Bonn for a few months, so we called him to make sure he was doing well. He said he was in the middle of exporting Bonjean data that he had gotten from the EXTEND BONJEAN command into a spreadsheet program in order to get a plot of the curves.

"While I've got you on the phone," he said, "is there any way I can get the Bonjean data plotted in GHS? I know GHS has that custom plotting feature in the MESSAGE command, but is there any way to get the Bonjean report into the required MESSAGE commands?"

We worked up a little run file for John to demonstrate how it could be done. Here is the result of our test, including an optional page for graphically interpolating drafts:

Click here to check out the example run file for plotting Bonjean curves.

Since we hear very little from GHS users about Bonjean curves, we asked John how often he includes them in his reports.

"I always include Bonjean plots," he said, "even if they aren't required. I don't know why; I just like Bonjean curves. Always have."

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