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The staff thought we should celebrate the 100th COW with something more entertaining and less perplexing, if possible. Having settled on the CYLINDER statement to make the likeness of a propeller, it proved to be impossible: the result was perplexing.

As everyone knows, within the Part Maker CREATE command the CYLINDER statement may be used to define a cylindrical shape. You give the coordinates at the end points of the cylinder's axis and the diameter. Tapered cylinders or cones can be made by adding a second diameter.

We tried to make the propeller by stretching and fitting and joining cylinders and nothing else. Unfortunately it came out looking more like blender blades.

So here is something else. We don't want to be like Aaron of old who claimed that he got a gold calf simply by tossing pieces of gold into the fire, so we admit that some design went into the following assemblage of cylinders.

Here it is at 45 and 90 degrees rotations.

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