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There are some who believe the pinnacle of computer word processing was (and is) monospaced fonts and ASCII text files. For all of them, the GHS Geometry File is readable, practical, and some might go as far as saying downright intuitive.

For the rest of us, there is the DISPLAY PRINT command.

DISPLAY PRINT is a handy way to present the contents of a .GF file in report form. The report includes a summary of the file header, a plan and profile view, and a complete listing, graphical representation, and table of offsets for all parts, organized by type. And with the right options, it even includes any critical points that are stored in the geometry file.

Think of DISPLAY PRINT as a formal inventory of the information in your .GF file. And the graphical information is quite complementary:

Some of our readers might agree: if the command looks like "PRINT" be careful that you aren't unknowingly sending a 300 page report to the hardware printer. Remember to keep DISPLAY PRINT within an open report file and you won't have any surprises.

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