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CONTENTS (part 4)

The Load Editor lets you explore the features of the CONTENTS command without ever having to issue the command.

The two most important things about a tank are: 1) what substance is in it; and 2) how much there is of whatever is in it. We call the first of these its Contents and the second its Load.

There are two and sometimes three parts to the Contents. Of course the density/specific gravity of the substance is the essential thing insofar as the calculations are concerned. But for the human reader, in order to make it easier on the eyes, there is also the Contents label or description. The third thing is the temperature, which applies only to petroleum substances.

In Load Editor, right click on the contents description, to see the specific gravity in case there is any doubt. "Change substance" presents a list of the substances that have been defined, and clicking on one of them changes the current Contents of the tank.

(It's even easier than that to change substance: simply type the new description in over the old one.)

Note the Total shown at the bottom of the screen.

For petroleum products the API-degree method of representing density is often used.

To change the temperature in a petroleum tank, simply type the new temperature. In this exmple, "@20" adjusts the temperature to 20 degrees C.

Note the increase in the sounding caused by the expansion.

Gross and net volumes are shown on the right-click information in the leftmost Load column.

Right clicking on the Contents header shows your options for displaying the "bulk" contents such as oil or other materials that may have varying densities (grain for example).

The order in which the tanks are displayed can be changed by clicking on the column headers. If you have not pre-selected a subset of tanks, you may have many pages of tanks showing in your Load Editor screen, and it may be useful to sort by Contents.

Things are a little different in English mode. You can switch from one to another at any time by right-clicking where it shows the units.

Look for the little white triangle at the lower right on the buttons. That means a right click does something. Come to think of it, the one on the Total box at the bottom of the screen is worth looking at even though it is not a button. Here is what you get:

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