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The SCREEN command gives users a handy way to customize the main GHS window to meet their preferences.

If you frequently work directly with the command line, it may be desireable to split the screen into two distinct areas: a command area and a display area. The benefit is that commands and display output will be separate, which can make multiple command processes easier to follow. For example:

One will notice that the height of the command area may be set by specifying a number of lines, in this case 15. In this example, setting the command area to 15 lines means the profile view of the current geometry file is displayed large enough to be useful. Another helpful option when outputting long reports or multiple tables is SCREEN SCROLL ALL. This maintains all display output in a scrollable manner in the display area.

You can always get back to the familiar single command area by issuing SCREEN COMMAND ONLY.

SCREEN also allows one to change the color of the window background from black to white. Perhaps you also want to hide the GHS logo in the background? Try SCREEN LOGO OFF. If the GHS logo isn't your preference, perhaps specifying a custom image file is more to your liking. You can specify any .BMP or .JPG image file to be set as your GHS window background, sometimes with dramatic results:

All of these SCREEN options (and more) are accessible from the View menu, so experimenting with variations of the SCREEN command is easy.

Even if the SCREEN command looks unfamiliar, you might be using it without even knowing it. Look in your main GHS directory for a library file called "GHS.LF". This file might contain a sequence of SCREEN commands that are automatically run by GHS upon startup. Such files offer a great place to add any additional SCREEN commands to set up your custom preferences so that every time you open GHS, your screen looks the way you want it to.

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