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CONTENTS (part 1)

The CONTENTS command assigns a density value to one or more target tanks. For example,
assigns the specific gravity 0.87 and attaches the contents description "FUEL OIL" to the tank named FODT1.P. Or equivalently,
assuming the default specific gravity associated with "FUEL OIL" is acceptable, or
making use of a standard abbreviation for fuel oil.

As with other commands dealing with tanks, abbreviated tank names can be used, which allows targeting all tank names that begin the same. For example,

Multiple tank names and tank-group names can be given as well.

Some of the CONTENTS command features:
  • kg / cubic meter as an alternative to specific gravity
  • API degrees to represent density
  • Temperature of contents in Fahrenheit or Centigrade
  • Density referenced to a standard temperature
  • Applying temperature-expansion functions for "generalized" products and asphalt products
  • Setting an automatic freeze-level mode
  • Specifying mud lag functions (for the HOPPER module)
  • Matching environmental seawater density
  • Setting density and description in the default list
  • Updating tanks densities to agree with the current default list
It's a wonder that all this fits in only six pages of the GHS User's Manual.

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