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(Requires GHS version 16.00A or later with SeaKeeping Module)

Last week's COW prompted a call from John Bonn. He wanted to let us know that GHS does not perform seakeeping calculations, but if it did, it would make ADD /GYRADIUS a lot more useful.

What John Bonn did not know, however, is that we had been pondering the same thing, although for a slightly different reason. Despite hydrostatics being the namesake of GHS, the new SEAKEEPING command is our venture into the world of hydrodynamics.

SEAKEEPING is based upon a linear, 6-DOF, frequency-domain strip-theory code developed entirely in-house by Creative Systems. The command will output absolute and relative displacements, velocities, accelerations, and RAOs at the vessel center of gravity, or at any indicated critical point. For irregular waves (defined using an extension to the WAVE command), SEAKEEPING will also output response statistics.

SEAKEEPING is fully integrated with GHS, which means much of the input required by other seakeeping codes is accessed "behind-the-scenes" by SEAKEEPING to keep user input to a minimum. This provides unmatched ease of use for incredibly quick motions calculations. The command operates on the current loading condition, so it is very easy to add SEAKEEPING to existing run files.

For more information on the new SEAKEEPING command, see the Version 16.00 Update or the SeaKeeping Module product page.
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