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There are two separate RENAME commands in GHS: In Part Maker, logically enough, it renames parts. In the main program it renames files. (If you want to rename a file in Part Maker you have to COPY it to the new file name then DELETE the original.)

The need to rename parts comes up when two vessels from two separate geometry files come into Part Maker. A ship in a floating drydock is a common example. If both the dock and the ship have parts named HULL, one of them will have to be renamed.

We tried to demonstrate this with two of the sample geometry files that come with GHS. It wasn't easy, but thanks to the SCALE and SHIFT commands in Part Maker we put FVW.GF and TANKER.GF together. Besides the common name HULL there were some tanks that had duplicate names. The RENAME sequence went like this:

macro ren
rename %1, T-%1
.ren "hull"
.ren "foday.p"
.ren "fw.p"
.ren "fw.s"
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