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A close cousin of the SplitHull wizard that was featured in a recent COW is RotateShip.wizgf. This one rotates the entire ship about its longitudinal axis—you can transform the geometry by any angle you like as long as the rotation is about the longitudinal axis.

Yes, John, we know, and we're working on that. What John Bonn wants is the same as what everyone wants: the ability to rotate about the vertical and transverse axes. But we wanted to show off what we've got so far.

Granted, it's not easy to think of an application for rotating the geometry about its longitudinal axis. Rarely do we encounter a need for it.

Here is something: If you like practical jokes, and you know of a colleague who doesn't read the COWs, take one of your ships and run it through RotateShip.wizgf, specifying 90 degrees of rotation. Then set the heel angle to 90 degrees in the opposite direction and do this:


Next, show your victim the output and say, "Look at this. I've discovered a serious bug in GHS! I just did a SOLVE, and as you can see, the ship is obviously upright, but the Condition Graphic says the heel is 90 degrees!"

Then watch him PANIC.

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