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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)

(Requires GHS with LS)

We heard from John Bonn. He said he has not been reading the COWs recently. We had wondered why the sudden silence from his quarter. John said he had been super busy, working day and night on a project, which left him zero time for anything else. He said he didn't have time even to wind his watch.

He wanted to inform us that in the course of that project he had discovered the WEIGHT REPORT command and thought we should make a Command of the Week out of it. Having scanned the COW path at he didn't think WEIGHT REPORT had been featured in one yet, and we didn't either, but we had to check to be sure. He guessed that there would be other users that didn't know about it. He used it to graphically represent the light-ship weight curve.

John had one complaint, though: the text part of the report, which lists all the points in the weight curve, isn't as useful as the plot is. He would like it better if there were a parameter he could include with WEIGHT REPORT that would eliminate the table and show only the plot.

That seemed like a good idea. It's in the program-development queue and will appear in the next release.

P.S. Just got word that it's done already. Version 15.88B. The parameter is /NOTAB.

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