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In Load Editor you can easily rearrange the tank list by description, by tank name, by contents name, and even by load. But what if we want to restrict the list to only those tanks within certain geometric limits?

This is where the TANKS command with its location-limiting parameters comes in handy. For example, TANKS * /ENDS:0F,20F makes a tank selection including only those tanks that intersect the given range. (Additional parameters are available for transverse and vertical limits too.)

So before issuing the LOAD EDIT command, you can make the selection based on location, which becomes the default tank list.

No doubt someone will point out that what is really needed is a way to make the selection without leaving Load Editor. If that could be done, it would make it just as easy to select tanks by location as it is to sort them by name and contents. It turns out it can be done, and here is a simple example:

 variable aft:-999:999={TENDA}, fwd:-999:999={TENDF}
 macro select
  template t "Show tanks in range"
    "Aft" aft /dec:0fa | "Fwd" fwd /dec:0fa
   "ok" exit
  exit t | tanks * /ends:{fwd},{aft} /in:-999 | LOAD EDIT /macro:select

Try it! Like magic, Load Editor reconfigures itself to include only the new range!

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