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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)


Announcing the new Add_Weight3 wizard:

For comparison, here is the original Add_Weight.wizco:

Note that Add_Weight3 is three times better than the old one.

One of the new features is the Reference location. Reference locations are taken from zero-weight items, which can be made at any time, causing them to appear in the drop-down list of Reference locations. Also frames show up in the list of reference locations (in GHS version is 15.80 or later).

Another new feature is weight-prefix management:

It can be used by itself or with Load Editor:

To use it with the Load Editor, first RUN Add_Weight3.LIB /CALL
then include macros AddWt3 and EditWt3 in your LOAD EDIT command:
LOAD (*) EDIT /MACRO:AddWt3,EditWt3
We will leave it to you to download the files and explore the other new features.

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