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ADD PREFIX offers a convenient way to organize weight items. When a prefix is in effect, it modifies the ADD command such that the prefix automatically gets inserted before the weight name given in the ADD command.

Here is an example:

add prefix (1) "Hold-", "Hold weight items"
add "Sack Material" 10 22.5F 0 2.48 /max:10
add "Diving Equipment" 0.8 37.3F 3.1 6.3  /max:2
add "Tool Store" 1.7 38.5F 0 2.23  /max:4
add prefix (2) "DeckF-", "Fwd deck loads"
add "Pipe" 22 25.9F 0 8.0 /max:30
add "Chain" 2 30.8F 0 6.75
add "Wire" 3 30.5F 0 7.0
add "Ice allow" 10 30.0F 0 6.8
add prefix (3) "DeckA-", "Aft deck loads"
add "Pipe" 17 7.6F 0 7.5 /max:30
add "Anchors" 7 5.2F 0 6.3
add "Buoys" 1 9.0F 0 8.4
add "Ice allow" 12 10F 0 6.8
add prefix off
status fixed

It makes the STATUS FIXED:BRIEF report look tidy:

status fixed:brief

If you're a macro maven, you might say, "Why bother with all this? I can do almost the same thing with macros!"

That's true with respect to the STATUS reports. But you can't duplicate the subtotal lines in the LOAD STATUS report:

load status fixed /form:3

Not only that, the ADD PREFIX gives you a special menu in the Load Editor for selecting weight categories:

load edit

There is more about ADD PREFIX in the GHS manual. The command includes some additional goodies for managing weight categories. Onboard configurations often use this feature when the number of weight items is large and categories are essential.

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