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Every report coming out of GHS has a connection to a particular Geometry File. If the Geometry File is altered even by a small amount, the numbers in the report could change substantially. Therefore the report should display information that uniquely identifies the Geometry File.

The COMMENT GFID command is provided for this purpose.

While comments may have been placed in the Geometry File and displayed by means of the COMMENT command, there is no assurance that those comments identify a particular version of the file. But COMMENT GFID does so because it shows the location of the file and the date and time of its last alteration at the time the report was generated.

Below is an example and the commands that generated it.

load (*) 1
display (*) status profile /title:"FV.GF" /page%:30
me repstart
me repfont center
\Sank June 20, 2017\
me repend

MESSAGE REPFONT CENTER was used in this example because it centers the GFID comment on the page and makes it look much better, which is an important consideration in a sad and serious announcement such as this. As for the fancy font, the font settings were mentioned somewhere in a previous COW and by now are familiar to everyone. But here, for the record, is what was used:

print configure /font:"Lucida Calligraphy"
report fvobit /box:bw

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