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We heard from John Bonn about the statement at the end of last week's COW where it implied that he was the only person in the universe who thrives on chaos. He believes he is not the only one.

In fact we did not have anyone in particular in mind—or it is possible that we were facetiously saying the opposite.

Anyway, John thinks the PROJECT command is too limited. No one is so well organized that all their project elements reside in tidy subfolders of one master folder, which is what the PROJECT command seemed to be demanding when he tried it.

So he wanted to share the tool he developed to help him remember where files are located and to make a quick and easy return to them:

 variable (str) proj="{PATHHERE}"
 template proj
  "BD Geometry":"J:\GHSGEO\BDstuff",
  "T&S for BD":"C:\GHS\DATA\BDstuff\TSB",
  "Big Dipper GLM":"C:\E\GLM\BigDip",
 chdir {proj}
 dir *.rf*
 input "Run file:" proj
 if "{proj}"<>"" then run {proj}
 input "Edit file:" proj
 if "{proj}"<>"" then edit {proj}
(The version he sent had more lines in the template. We cut it down to three, which demonstrates the principle just as well.)

John named the file PROJ.WIZ, and he keeps it in his Library folder. So it shows up in his GHS menu Wizards/My Wizards. Or it can be run by typing,


We suggest it could be made even handier by assigning it to an unused function key:

KEY 6, "run proj.wiz|" "PROJ"

This Key command can be added to your GHS.LF file. Now to bring up PROJ.WIZ you either press the F6 key, or (if the key menu at the bottom of the GHS screen has not been turned off) click PROJ.

Adding another project to the dropdown list is easy: simply edit the template. Be sure to change to the library folder first:


Thanks John. We're passing it on.

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