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PM SECRETS (part 2)

John Bonn of OCL Architects complained that Condition Graphics via Part Maker (as revealed last week) was not very useful because it could not show an actual condition. There is no waterline, and the heel and trim angles are always zero.

The case in point is the loading that appeared in last week's COW, which is far from symmetrical. He berated us for showing it in the upright attitude.

John was not impressed by the fact that he was getting it without having to buy a Condition Graphics license. Having exhausted all our excuses, he finally got us to admit that there is a way to get an accurate graphic of the condition in Part Maker.

So thanks to John, here is another PM secret: HEEL, TRIM, and DEPTH commands are available in Part Maker too.

Click here to get the run file that did this.

Then John Bonn had a surprise for us: he had discovered that in Part Maker you can get a Bonjean report. He liked that very much, of course, but he insisted that it should be documented. He pointed out that an undocumented feature could disappear in the next update -- which is true, but not very likely.

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