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PM SECRETS (part 1)

DISPLAY STATUS (known as Condition Graphics to distinguish it from other forms of the DISPLAY command) is available in Part Maker. Even if you do not have Condition Graphics in your GHS configuration, DISPLAY STATUS is still accessible via Part Maker, either on the screen:

Or as a page in your GHS report:

You are not supposed to know this. (It is not in the Part Maker manual.)

Since you must enter PM first, it is not as convenient as simply mentioning DISPLAY STATUS in your run file. When you ENTER PM your tank loads do not come along with the geometry model, so you have to duplicate the LOAD and CONTENTS commands within Part Maker. But if you are not a certified Condition Graphics user, it may be worth the effort to get free access to DISPLAY STATUS.

Yes, LOAD and CONTENTS are available in PM. That's not documented either. The reason it's a secret, of course, it that DISPLAY STATUS is not much good if you can't load your tanks.

Click here to get the secret run file.

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