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GHS is on its way to becoming a colorful program: even variables have colors. Variable definitions can include the /COLOR parameter. For example,

Showing in the upper input field of the dialog box above is the contents of a variable to which the color number 4 has been applied. This method of showing colors in templates has the advantage of being able to change the color of text without having to regenerate the dialog box. (If there is no need to change the color, the /color parameter can be attached directly to the input field in the template.)

In case you're curious, here's the code for this example:

template c "Color demo" /size:large
  "New color number:_" c /dec:0 /start /apply:color
macro color
  variable (str) s="The color assigned to this is {c}" /color:{c}
variable c:1:14=1
end c

Variables in NOTE commands also show their colors on the screen -- as can be seen in the above example where \{S}\ places the contents of the variable S on the screen, centered on the line.

In the screen shot below, colors were rotated among the ten variables in a single NOTE command. These numbers happen to be the years Creative Systems has been in business, which makes the well-known micro-software giant our little sister!

It must be admitted that there is an alternate way of showing colors in NOTE commands using the {c} notation (as described in the manual), which is easier in most cases.

We are talking about the screen here. In reports, the color settings on variables in NOTE commands have no effect except 4 and 12 (reds) which make the text appear as the bold version of the typeface.

Colors in reports is another subject, familiar to many as the colorful effects you get via REPORT ... /BOX:COLOR are well known. Little known is the means by which colored text from NOTE commands can appear in reports. More on that later, or check the updated documentation coming out in 2017 with version 15.50.

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