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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)


Template code and the dialog boxes that result from template execution have appeared in previous COWs without offering an explanation of how templates work in GHS.

So here is a gentle introduction to the TEMPLATE command as well as an attempt to show that templates can improve almost any GHS run file.

If parameters appear in your run file (drafts, for example) which depend on the particulars of the vessel, a dialog box can be used to collect the parameter values.

Here is an example:

variable (string) gf1
variable  (length) d1=1.0, d2=7.0, dd=1.0
if fexist stuff.sav then run stuff.sav /call
TEMPLATE getstuff "Parameters"
  "GF: {GF}"
   "Read new GF" file gf1 /ext:"GF*" /apply:read /persist:refresh |,
   "Units are {LUNIT}"
   "First draft" | "Last draft" | "Increment"
     d1 /dec:3 | d2 /dec:3 | dd /dec:3
   "Try it" .doghs
macro read
   read {gf1}
macro doghs
   variable d1a
   set d1a={d1} plus {dd}
   ghs {d1}, {d1a}, ..., {d2}
save stuff.sav

Note that it provides a means of remembering the parameters so there is no need to enter them anew the next time the run file is exercised: After the dialog is closed it saves the parameters in a file. At the beginning of the next run it checks to see if the saved file is there, and if so it picks up all your settings before executing the template.

By adding more fields to the template, this simple technique can serve to collect all of the parameters involved in the run.

It seems that templates are limited only by one's imagination. Need a calendar? The following example may be of interest if you are already into templates. Even if you are not familiar with templates, you can see what it does by copying and pasting it to the GHS command line or into a run file.

macro day
set s="%1"
if %1<1 then set s=" "
if %1>%2 then set s=""
"{s}" /color:{c} /right |
set c=0
macro daybox
<BOX>"          "</BOX> |
macro week
set n=7
if %1>%2 then set n=0
set c=4
expand day ({n},1) %1, %2
" "
%3 expand daybox ({n})
%3 " "
macro month
template t "{month}-{y}%4" /size:%1 /gap:9 /bg=15 %5
%2 "{month} {y}" /cen /bold
%2 " "
expand week (6,7) {day1}, {days}, "%2"
%3 "Make html" check dohtml
%2 exit
%3 "Ok" exit /start
macro domonth
.month "large", "REM"
set more={templok}
if {more}=0 then exit
set mo={mo} plus 1 | if {mo}>12 then set mo=1, imo=0, yr={yr} plus 1 | set y={yr}
if {dohtml}=0 then exit
.month -40, "", "REM", ".jpg", "/FILE"
.html "{month}-{y}"
macro skipyear
set day1={day1} minus 1 minus {leap}
set y={y} plus 1
macro doyear
set month=item {imo}, "{months}"
set imo={imo} plus 1
set days=item {imo}, "{months}"
set m={imo} div 2
if {m}=2 then set days={days} plus {leap}
set more=1
if {m}={mo} then .domonth | if {more}=0 then exit
set day1={day1} plus 28 minus {days}
set imo={imo} plus 1
macro isdiv
set j={y} div %1
set j=trunc {j}
set j={j} times %1
if {j}<>{y} then set j=0
macro maybleap
.isdiv 4
set leap=0
if {j}=0 then exit
.isdiv 100 | if {j}<>0 then .isdiv 400 | if {j}=0 then exit
set leap=1
macro html
me (report) "%1.html"
me "<IMG SRC="%1.jpg">
me "</TD></TR></TABLE></BODY></HTML>
me (report) off
me "Handing %1.html to the browser
shell start %1.html
macro calendar1
if {y}<{yr} then .skipyear else .doyear | if {more}=0 then exit
if {day1}<-5 then set day1={day1} plus 7
exit calendar1
macro calendar0
variable j, m, n, days, leap, c, more
variable (str) s, month, months
set months="January 31, February 28, March 31,
April 30, May 31, June 30,
July 31, August 31, September 30,
October 31, November 30, December 31"
.calendar 1
variable yr:{y}:9999, mo:1:12
macro calendar
variable imo=1, y=1583, day1=-5
if "%1"="" then exit calendar1
variable dohtml=1
template ask "Perpetual Calendar" /size:large
"Year" yr /dec:0
"Month" mo /dec:0
set yr=2017, mo=1
.ask | if {templok}<>0 then  .calendar

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